Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Game Revolution: Man Exposes Wife's Breast On PS4 Twitch Stream, Then Strips Her Completely

An owner of the new PlayStation 4 is under fire after he used the live video feature on his Sony gaming console to broadcast images of his naked wife who was passed out drunk in the couple's living room.

The man could be seen exposing his wife's breast as she laid, apparently asleep, on their couch.

Moments later, she is seen completely naked after he apparently stripped off her clothes.

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The PlayStation 4, which was released only last week, comes with a new feature called 'Playroom' that allows users to broadcast live video via a service called Twitch TV.

Already, gamers have been using the service to put on live shows of all sorts - including playing with firearms. One couple raffled off their old PlayStation 3 console.

But user Darckobra broadcast a stream of him and his wife drinking heavily on their couch, Game Revolution reports.

Eventually, the woman appears to pass out. He reaches over and pulls open her dress and exposes her breast.

About 15 minutes later the screen goes dark. When the feed returns, the woman can be seen, still sleeping, totally naked on the couch.

Twitch TV, which controls the broadcast, quickly banned Darckobra and tweeted out a reminder about its terms of service, which allow using the program only for gaming-related activities.

Game Revolution speculates that the Darckobra incident could lead Sony to change the way its Playroom works.

Much of the gaming press believes the incident has reminded Sony executives that their new technology can be used for ill, as well as for gaming fun.

Guyz one word for this "MAN"