Saturday, 30 November 2013

WEIRD: Lawmaker who Travels Home With The Dead?

Hehe...I know you must have been scrambling to know the name of the man
is from Kenya..not Nigeria..disappointed??? Read though:
A lawmaker from Nyakach, Kisumu, Aduma Owuor uses more than 20 different types of cars in a month, including a hearse, in a desperate attempt to hide his identity whenever he visits his rural home.
In addition, he has to do so unannounced and under the cover of darkness as he tries to evade gangs of cattle rustlers, who are believed to have been behind the murder of his parents three weeks ago.

“I sometimes drive into my home at 2am in the morning or even at midnight because you never know what is happening around here,” said Mr Owuor, who says terrifying as the thought of travelling in a hearse might be, he would go to any length to save his life.
“I use over 20 different vehicles in a month some of which I have to hire when I am going home,” he says, adding that his life has never been the same after he received live bullets in the form of a parcel addressed to him two years ago.
He was then the director in charge of legal affairs at the Kisumu County.
“I have had to hold meetings even at 3am in the morning before I drive to Kisumu and fly to Nairobi for my legislative duties,” he says.
The MP says he has hired guards to patrol his rural home and protect mourners owing to the tension and fear that has gripped the area following the death of his parents.
Friends and relatives have been visiting the family to condole with them during the day, but owing to the insecurity, the normal tradition of mourning overnight around an open fire has been abandoned due to what one relative described as “deep fear and despair”.
When the press visited his home this week, the MP had arrived in a decrepit four-wheel drive you would rarely associate with an MP.
His parents Francisca Owuor, 68 and Francis Owuor, 83, were beaten to death and their house set ablaze barely three weeks after the MP said in Parliament that his life was in danger.
The gang stole nothing during the night attack.
The caretaker, at the same time, was kidnapped for a few hours as he came home through a back entry that connects the main house to Mr Owuor’s grandmother’s home.

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  1. are you the law maker in qusetion?....nigerians...